International Conf. on 'Microelectronics, Circuit and System 


                            1st International conference, MICRO-2014

                              11st-13th July, 2014 in Kolkata, India.      




All papers will be as standard A4 size of two column IEEE format. Maximum of six pages for proceeding book of Micro-2014. After conference, invitation will be given to selected papers for forwarding to particulars journals either:  Journal of Circuit,System and Signal Processing of Springer, Int.Journal of Embedded System of Inderscience, IJCSE(Inderscience, IJCA, IJCAES. Then authors have to reformat paper according to the template of those journals. Final decision of selection is on decision of those journals.

Papers should be in MSword format and uploaded to      this site. No paper will be accepted through email. If you upload the paper, automatic id number will be generated and for next any communication this id number of paper should be mentioned.

Guideline for preparing documents:

1. All graphics should be prepared within a canvas available under drawing option. Without that different componets become scattered when paper is reformatted. Or, you make a unique figure pressing  PRINTSCREEN, selecting crop, compressing right-left sides and make exact figure and paste at the location of the figure. All figures should be visible and dark black figure should be ignored. Think, this figure would be read by another person and should be readable of all labels/texts.

2. For mltiple authors names , you may create a table of two or three columns, put authors detail there and finally , hide borders of table selecting table options/colors/white.

3. Authors emails are important and we use these for any communication. If email is not accessible outside institute/university after leaving the organization, then communication will be closed. So, put personal email address or what you think proper.

4. All equations should be by equation editor,


All papers should contain paper title, authors names, affiliations, designation, institutes names, email etc. 

Paper will be revbiewed by two reviewers and acceptance notice will be published timely.


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