International Conf. on 'Microelectronics, Circuit and System 


                            1st International conference, MICRO-2014

                              11st-13th July, 2014 in Kolkata, India.      


There will be Best Paper Award for 1st=Rs.5000/-, 2nd=Rs.3000/-.

alongwith a Best Paper Certificate. Accommodation for maximum

of Three nights will be provided for outsiders. For registration do NEFT/online transfer, mention yourname in message column of online money transfer. Or send DD to the address of General Chair. Registration Form /softcopy should be sent to the same address. Upload Camera Ready Paper to the uploading site

of cmt. All papers don't need Camera Paper , those papers have received reviewers comment with modification they only need to upload Camera Ready papers. Those have received 'Accepted for ORAL presentation' they have to upload MSWORD version of paper. Only MSWORD version is allowed for camera Ready version proceeding Book. Camera Ready option will be activated after Registration.

PAPER ID                STATUS                                                                           PAPER ID           STATUS
1 )   Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                               85. Accepted for ORAL presentation

2  )   Accepted without ORAL presentation                                                       86.Accepted for ORAL presentation
3 )  Rejected                                                                                                      87. Accepted for ORAL presentation  
4 )  Rejected                                                                                                      88.NA  
5 ) Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                  89. Accepted for ORAL presentation 
6 )  NA                                                                                                                90.Accepted for ORAL presentation
7 )  Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                  91.Accepted for ORAL presentation
8 )  Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                  92.Accepted for ORAL presentation
9 )  Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                  93.Accepted for ORAL presentation
10 )  NA/REJECTED                                                                                           94.NA
11) NA/REJECTED                                                                                             95.NA

12.  Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                 96.NA
13.  Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                 97.Accepted for ORAL presentation

14.   Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                 98.NA
15. Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                   99.Accepted for ORAL presentation

16.Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                  100. NA/REJECTED

17. Accepted as Without ORAL presentation                                                     101.Accepted for ORAL presentation

18. Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                  102.Accepted for ORAL presentation

19. Accepted as Without ORAL presentation                                                      103.Accepted for ORAL presentation

20.Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                    104 NA

21.Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                    105 Accepted for ORAL Presentation

22.Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                    106 Accepted for Without ORAL Presentation

23.Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                    107 Accepted for ORAL presentation
24.Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                    108. Accepted for ORAL presentation
25.Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                    109.Accepted for ORAL presentation
26.Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                    110.Accepted for ORAL presentation

28.Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                    112.Accepted for ORAL presentation   

29. Accepted for ORAL Presentation                                                                   113 Accepted for ORAL Presentation

30. Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                   114. NA
31. Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                   115.Accepted for ORAL presentation

32. NA/REJECTED                                                                                              116.Accepted for ORAL presentation

33. NA/REJECTED                                                                                              117. REJECTED

34.Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                    118. Accepted for ORAL presentation

35. Accepted for without ORAL presentation                                                       119. Accepted for ORAL Presentation    

36. Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                   120. Accepted for  ORAL Presentation

37.Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                    121. Accepted for ORAL Presentation

38.Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                    122. Accepted for ORAL Presentation

39.NA/REJECTED                                                                                               123. NA

40.Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                    124. Accepted for ORAL Presentation

41.Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                    125. Accepted for ORAL Presentaion

42.Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                    126. NA

43.REJECTED                                                                                                     127. Accepted for Wiout ORAL Presentation

44.Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                    128. Accepted for ORAL Presentation

 45.REJECTED                                                                                                    129. Accepted for ORAL Presentation

46.Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                    131. NA

47.Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                    132. Accepted for ORAL Presentation

48.Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                    133. Accepted for Without ORAL Presentation

49. Accepted for without ORAL presentation                                                       134. Accepted for ORAL Presentation

50.Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                    135. Accepted for Without ORAL Presentation

51. NA                                                                                                                  136. Accepted for ORAL Presentation

52. Accepted for without ORAL Presentation                                                       137. Accepted for ORAL Presentation

53. Accepted for ORAL presentation                                                                    138. Accepted for Without ORAL Presentation

54.NA                                                                                                                    139. Accepted for ORAL Presentation

56.NA                                                                                                                   140. Accepted for ORAL Presentation

57.Accepted for ORAL presentation

58.Accepted for ORAL presentation  

62. Accepted for ORAL presentation

65. Accepted for without ORAL Presentation

66.Accepted for ORAL presentation

68. Accepted for ORAL Presentation

69. Accepted for ORAL Presentation

70.Accepted for without ORAL Presentation

73. Accepted for ORAL Presentation

74. Rejected


76. Accepted for ORAL Presentation.

81. Accepted for ORAL Presentation

82. Accepted for ORAL Presentation

83. Accepted for ORAL Presentation

84.. Accepted for ORAL Presentation