International Conf. on 'Microelectronics, Circuit and System 


                            1st International conference, MICRO-2014

                              11st-13th July, 2014 in Kolkata, India.      



Details of Accommodation paper id wise(with name ) and address of accommodation will be available soon. 

Coordinators of Accommodations:

1. Prof.S.S.Thakur, Asso.Professor, MCKV Inst. of Technology

    Mobile: 09836773258

2. for Female Delegates:

  Dr.Moumita Mukherjee, Scientist, DRDO.

  Mobile: 9007063747


PAPER ID                                                                                                PLACE IF ACCOMMODATION

16,29,40, 41, 44, 46, 58, 62,69, 76, 81, 85, 92, 109,113, 118, 124 , 137, 138   ............ all at NCSM

102, 103,                  ---- all at IETE

(those , who have not sent their in/out time   they are in waiting list), date/time of coming and returning is essential.

( paper ids = 44, 109, 124, 134 will arrive on 11th evening, if NCSM hostel is full, You will report to CIFE hostel , beside the NCSM hostel)

(CIFE=Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Just next building to NCSM).

Prof. Ranjendra Prasad      ........   MGMI

Prof. S.Jayanthu              ............ MGMI

Prof. M.Bhaskar               ............ IETE

Prof. vijay Nath               ............. IETE




 National Council of Science & Museum  (NCSM)

33, Block GN, Sector-V

Salt Lake, Kolkata-700091

Phone: 033-23579347, 0850, 5545


Guest Room of: (Two rooms)

Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers(IETE)

Plot No: J 1-7, EP Block, Salt Lake Electronics Complex,

Sector-V, Kolkata-700091

(bus stand is WEBEL more, middle of college more and  SDF more bus stand).

Accommodation for Professors/Guests:

 Guest House of :  ( 2 rooms)

 Mining, Geological and Metallurgical Institute(MGMI)

38/4, Block-GN, Sector-V, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700091, Phone: 033-23573482/23573987

or some hotel/Lodges within Rs.500/600  double bed.

Calcutta Lodge (near Sealdah Rail way station), (they have lot of rooms, and available ..)

 68 B, APC Road,   Kolkata, Phone: 03328951021

(from Sealdah North Station towards Rajabazar Science College), 5 minutes walking distance from Sealdah north Station. (Ask about Check out time,

that is  important).


Tower Hotel, 27 APC Road, Kolkata-700009,  phone: 033-23501680


Hotel Anurag, 2A  Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kolkata, Phone: 033-23504778



133A, AJC Bose Road, Kolkata-700014.


or those, who want to stay in better hotels by own payments, for them:

 Indismart Group Intern. Tower

 X-1, 8/3 , Block EP, Electronic Complex

 Salt Lake, Kolkata-700091

 Mob: 08420200582/81 (Mr.Jayanta Bhattacharya)


  The Sonnet Hotel

 Block-DD, Plot-8, Sector-I


 phone: 03366339000, 03366339001